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  OZ CAB STORE by Martin Meters

Specialist Manufacturer to the Taxi industry - Since 1947

About Us

 The companies founder  the late Mr Sydney Martin established Martin Meters in an ex-butter factory in Moor St, Fitzroy located in  Victoria, Australia. Martin Meters began designing and producing taximeters in 1947.

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 Since then extensive R&D has kept Martin Meters at the forefront of technology & design and the range of products and services we offer continues to expand.

We were in fact one of the first manufacturers in the world to produce an electronic taximeter. Such is our passion for innovation many  of our products have been granted patents and are now used daily by taxi drivers around the globe.

Martin Meters has exported large amounts of product to USA, Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand and Fiji.

Our focus in recent years besides taximeters has also been driver safety. We have produced a number of excellent driver safety products  such as CabcamDV Digital Video Taxi cameras, Visual Duress Alarms and Taxi Driver Protection Screens to help protect drivers from harm.

If you take the time to browse our website  I think you will find a range of  innovative  and effective solutions within our product range to help make your taxi business as productive and safe for your drivers  as possible.


Martin SSE circa 1972

Just some of our many legendary taximeter models


Martin MK5 Series 2


Todays Technology

Martin Mk6 Smart Card Taximeter


Martin Taxi information Processing System